Am I Ready?

Health coaching works best when you are thinking about or prepared to make a change for the better. You may not know what that change is, but you feel motivated.​

Whatever your health goal is, your answers to these questions, and more, will guide us on your journey:

  • How important is this change to you, on a scale of 0–10?

  • How hard is this change to make, on a scale of 0-10?

  • How confident are you that you can make the change, on a scale of 0–10?

Stages of Change



In this stage, you may not be considering a change. A health coach can help you discover and define your concerns and build rapport for possible future opportunities for growth, when you are ready.



In this stage, you acknowledges your health concerns. As a health coach, I help you recognize your ambivalence, review the “pros and cons”, and be encouraging about picturing future change.




In this stage, you are committed to make a change. As your health coach, I work with you to identify co-behaviors, clarify goals, form a future health vision, and reinforce accountability




In this stage, you have begun taking steps to change. As your health coach, I  reinforce your positive behaviors and we co-develop coping strategies for times when you hit a rough patch.




In this stage, you have achieved some goals and are working to maintain this change. As your health coach, I affirm your self-efficacy and help you review long-term goals.



In this stage, you have made changes successfully! You may be ready to stop working with a health coach... or feel inspired to keep going! Sometimes this is when someone will experience a relapse of old behaviors. 

As your health coach I can help you re-label failure, build empathy, and review your past accomplishments. Failure is a part of the change process! We never stop growing and changing.

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.

― Brené Brown

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