(coming in Fall 2020)

Strength in numbers means reaching your goals faster and sticking to them longer.

The way we practice healthcare is changing and the group health coaching model has been empirically validated as an effective intervention for making health changes and better managing chronic illnesses.

Group members get to observe the myriad ways that individuals try out new behaviors. As you learn from one another, you adapt your own behaviors and retry. The group encourages creativity. In the supportive group, your courage and willingness to try new things will grow as you explore together.


Four group coaching options will become available Fall 2020.​ More info below! Please join my waitlist to be notified when group coaching becomes available.

  • Strong:Mind 

  • Keto Joy 

  • 10-Day Detox 

  • ReWILD Reset 


An 8-week online group based on learning strengths-based mindfulness skills. ​Limited to 5 participants. 

This group is for anyone wanting to cultivate mindfulness skills from a strengths-based perspective. A common outcome is an increased sense of self-regulation as well as deeper self-knowledge.  

This is a structured 8-week program that meets for 2 hours per week.


A small online support group for anyone attempting the ketogenic diet for improved brain and metabolic health.

This group will be run in 3 or 6-month cycles, depending on the individual needs of each new group and will include periods of education and preparation, individual goal-setting, trouble-shooting, and reflection and evaluation. 

To participapte, you must have a chronic mental health or neurological condition and a licensed mecical professional must be prescribing the ketogenic diet for you. 

10-Day DETOX

Based on the 10-day sugar detox by Mark Hyman, MD, this online group coaching experience will help you eliminate toxins, reset your gut, and calm inflammation. 

This in a 30-day group that includes preparation, individual goal setting, the 10-day detox process, and a period of reflection afterwards.


In my signature ReWILD Reset program, connect your mind and body to their natural rhythms, restore balance, and examine the ways modern human life may be causing dysfunction.


Deepen your connection to the wild places in your environment and within by cultivating greater presence in an increasingly frenetic world.  

The people you surround yourself with influence your behaviors, so choose friends who have healthy habits.

― Dan Beuttner