Announcing Group Health Coaching: Experience Food Freedom with the Elimination Diet

Have you ever suspected that certain foods may interfere with your mood or your sleep, or disrupt your digestion or complexion? A lot of people are walking around with food sensitivities or intolerances and simply do not know it. Are you ready to explore common foods that can be problematic, and eliminate them from your diet for 4 weeks with the support of a coach and small community of fellow health seekers?

Food is more than calories; food is love and connection and community and medicine. That is why elimination diets are so tough to do: they can cause you to feel deprived, they challenge your ability to regulate your emotions and moods, and they remove your go-to comfort foods that may be harming your health. This is why doing the elimination diet in a health coaching group is so great! You will have a group of fellow travelers, on a similar journey, to lean on for support and learn from.

Interested in learning more? Just scroll down for the details and learn about how to sign up! To sign up: email Steph at

What is an elimination diet?

Eat real food for 4 weeks!

  • Vegetables

  • Meat, seafood, and eggs

  • Seeds and nuts

  • Healthy oils

  • Fruits, sparingly

  • Herbs and spices

What gets eliminated?

  • Dairy

  • Grains

  • Legumes (beans)

  • All processed foods

  • Alcohol

  • All artificial ingredients

This is Not About Weight Loss

Some people lose weight on the elimination diet, and some do not. This 4-week challenge is not about weight loss. Instead, it is about noticing. Learning to tune in and notice how your body and mind react to the foods you are taking in. Noticing your emotions when you can't reach for that cookie, glass of wine, or toast with butter. Noticing your coping mechanisms (or lack thereof). Noticing your habits that may no longer serve you. It's about building mindfulness.

How it Works

This group will meet 6 times for 60 minutes over the course of 6 weeks starting Sunday, May 3rd at 9:00 AM Eastern.

Week 1: Sunday, May 3rd - Introductions & Preparation

You and 3-5 other people will gather with me on a private Zoom call. I will introduce myself, explain the role of a health coach, and the group etiquette and goals. You will then introduce yourself and share a bit about why you joined the group. I will then focus on how to prepare for the elimination diet, giving you guidelines for what to do in the following week to get your kitchen and pantry ready.

  • You will be invited to a private Facebook group after the first session, where you can share updates with our group throughout the week and ask questions.

  • I will share a handout listing all the food you can eat during the elimination diet.

Week 2: Sunday, May 10th - Clarify Your Why

Your kitchen and pantry are stocked, you have finished your grocery shopping, and you are ready to begin the elimination diet on Monday, May 11th! The focus of our second hour-long session on the 11th will be to clarify your why. Prepare to share with the group about your health and as much or as little personal information as you're comfortable sharing. As your coach, I will ask open-ended questions to facilitate reflection. This is first and foremost a positive, supportive group and a place to be vulnerable and real. The reason behind your desire to do the elimination diet is deeply personal and unique to you. This session will be devoted to unearthing your values and motivators.

  • Monday May 11th: day 1 of elimination diet!

  • I will post daily in the private Facebook group and all group members are encouraged to stay in touch throughout the week in this way as well.

  • Homework this week: complete the VIA Survey on character strengths in preparation for our session on May 17th

Week 3: Sunday, May 17th - Character strengths Part 1

At this point, you will have completed your first week on the elimination diet. Part of this session will be to reflect on the first weeks' experience. What were the positives and challenges of the week? Listen to and learn from your fellow group members. During this session, we will also each share the results of the VIA survey on character strengths (your homework from the previous week). We will talk about our character strengths and how we can use them to get us through tough times. We will also discuss strategies for what to do if we hit a bump in the road in week two (hint: self compassion and forgiveness and embracing failure are a theme of week 2!).

  • Homework this week: notice your emotions and the skills or habits you use to manage them. Notice when you use your character strengths. This practice of noticing is intended to build mindfulness.

Week 4: Sunday, May 24th - Character strengths part 2

Building off our discussion of character strengths from the previous week, we go a little further. First, the group shares highlights and challenges from the previous week. We celebrate success, no matter how small! We then discuss what you noticed about your emotions, coping mechanisms, and when you used your character strengths. We will talk about over-using and under-using character strengths and spotting strengths in others. We will close with a check-in about diving into week three of the elimination diet.

  • Homework this week: look for opportunities to use your less-used strengths as well as moments you can use your strengths in combination. Practice strength-spotting with your family and friends.

Week 5: Sunday, May 31st - theme customized for the unique needs of the group

In our 5th meeting, I will choose a focus that meets the unique needs of the group. We will reflect on the past week, sharing positives and challenges. We will spot strengths in one another. We will focus on the week ahead, the 4th week of the elimination diet, and what to expect next.

  • Homework: to stay present. This is the final week; be mindful of the ways you may start to let old habits creep back in. Do not rush the experience. Learn to savor all the advances you have made; learn to challenge negative self talk.

Week 6: Sunday, June 7th - Celebrate success and discuss reintroduction

This meeting marks the last day of the elimination diet journey! We will reflect on the 4-week process and celebrate whatever success the group had, no matter how small. We will discuss what was most challenging, what you learned, and what changes you will carry forward. I will then outline the process for reintroducing foods one at a time, encouraging your skilled use of mindful noticing.

  • Homework: stay in close touch on the private Facebook group as you reintroduce foods and notice reactions in yourself, physical or emotional.

  • The private Facebook will close down on Sunday, June 14th and group members are encouraged to keep in touch with one another if they choose to do so.

To sign up: email Steph at

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