My Statement of Allyship

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The most important characteristic for a health coach to possess is the ability to listen to and walk with people shoulder to shoulder, not one step ahead. As a health coach, I see my clients as innately whole, creative, and resourceful and I extend this belief to all humans I connect with, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or ability.

In this spirit, I am committed to becoming more and more anti-racist and confronting all the ways I have benefitted from white supremacy in my life. I am currently engaged in doing this work in my own personal life and committed to showing up more actively for people of color going forward in concrete ways.

One of my commitments is to not remain neutral on important issues of human rights. I stand for LGBTQ+ rights, I believe that Black Lives Matter, and I am working in whatever ways I can to end the stigma against mental illness. Silence kills.

My commitment as an ally is to challenge myself to take action in my personal, social, and professional life and stand up for, contribute to, and amplify the voices doing amazing work in these spaces. These are people and organizations I am honored to learn from as I continually grow into being a better ally.

I will use my health coaching platform to share what I learn and to share who I am learning from and supporting in this process.

And as always, I am committed to creating a safe space for each of my clients to fully express who they are in our work together.

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