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What Happens After Health Coaching? Observational Study 1 Year Following a Randomized Controlled Trial

May 2016

"Results support the conclusion that most improved clinical outcomes persisted 1 year after the completion of the health coaching intervention."

A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health and Wellness Coaching: Defining a Key Behavioral Intervention in Healthcare

July 2013

"The actual coaching process entails goal-setting determined by the patient, encourages self-discovery in addition to content education, and incorporates mechanisms for developing accountability in health behaviors. With a clear definition for health and wellness coaching, robust research can more accurately assess the effectiveness of the approach in bringing about changes in health behaviors, health outcomes and associated costs that are targeted to reduce the global burden of chronic disease."

Advancing a new evidence-based professional in health care: job task analysis for health and wellness coaches

June 2016

"The need to prevent, ameliorate, or treat lifestyle-related disease has led to the emergence of new roles in health care such as health and wellness coaching (HWC). HWC increases patient activation and health-related self-efficacy. Furthermore, three published reviews of HWC suggest its effectiveness in multiple psychosocial variables, behavioral outcomes, and biological markers of chronic disease."

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